On transparency in Responsible Investing, and Longevity Partners’ PRI Reporting Tool

13 April 2023
Transparency & UNPRI signatory reporting in 2023 Institutional investors increasingly recognize the importance of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decision-making. To this end, the United […]

From Risk Management to Value Creation: Why Sustainable Due Diligence is critical

22 March 2023
2022 was transformational for real estate investment activities. New frameworks such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), SRI and the EU Taxonomy brought a new layer of complexity and […]

ESG Vendor Due-Diligence: How to prepare the disposal of an asset or portfolio

10 March 2023
ESG credentials have become a huge part of the process of screening investments, and in the current market dynamics we see that ESG is a tangible route for price negotiation. […]

BREEAM In-Use v6 Best Practice – CBRE IM Europa Shopping Centre

27 February 2023
With global temperatures on trajectory to increase more than 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, we are at a critical point in climate change mitigation1. Representing nearly […]

Biodiversity in an urban environment, a contradiction or an agreement?

15 February 2023
Seemingly, the idea of an urban environment, with concrete, metal frameworks, and busy infrastructure appears to oppose the natural environment and consequently, its biodiversity. However, the concept of connecting the […]

Fitwel Certifications: Promoting Health and Wellness in Buildings and Surrounding Communities

6 February 2023
At Longevity Partners, we are dedicated to providing market-leading guidance that enables the social and environmental sustainability of our clients’ assets to be maximized. That is why we are excited […]

Building toward climate resilience: are we in the same boat?

30 January 2023
As we embark on this New Year, a select group of scientists are busy at work, studying a shortlist of nine specific geographical sites, in search of the location on […]

Climate smart brownfield revitalisation

23 January 2023
Brownfield sites are typically described as derelict, contaminated, and abandoned areas of land that are mostly seen as an “urban problem” because of the complications and costs that are likely […]

Analysis: Overcoming Subjectivity in Climate Risk Modelling for Real Estate Investors

18 January 2023
Real estate investment and development decisions are reached in a world of intrinsic future climate risk and uncertainty. Risk is different from uncertainty because risk is quantifiable in a sense […]

The role of onsite battery storage in our journey to Net Zero

22 November 2022
In the drive for carbon neutrality, asset managers are understandably keen to generate as much of their required electricity as possible from onsite renewables such as rooftop and carport solar […]

Financing building optimisation: the path to retrofit

17 November 2022
Investment in building optimisation is required to move existing building stock towards net zero and decarbonisation pathways. Implementations to achieve greater energy efficiency can be expensive, so planning and financing […]

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials – Guidance for Third Party Green Building Certifications.  

21 October 2022
Also called “ethical sourcing,” responsible sourcing is a voluntary commitment by companies to consider the social and environmental impacts of their supply chains and relationships with vendors[1].   Responsible sourcing […]

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