Update from Roger Toussaint

11 November 2019
When we opened our Amsterdam office late 2019, we had a clear purpose for Longevity to help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient urban environment. Whilst the […]

The real estate sector needs to wake up to the physical risks of climate change

21 August 2019
The impact of climate change is causing an increase in average global temperatures, precipitation irregularities (more intense rainfall, or drought) and sea level rise. These changes are expected to result […]

Four Questions to Justin Travlos

19 May 2019
Longevity Partners’ founder and global CEO Etienne Cadestin asks four questions to Justin Travlos – Global Head of Responsible Investment at AXA IM Alts. What are some of the biggest challenges you […]

EU scraps Chinese Anti-Dumping Tariffs

5 September 2018
The European Commission announced last week that it would be removing trade duties on solar panels and cells imported from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia with immediate effect. Why were they imposed? […]

Sustainable portfolio management and value creation with BREEAM In-Use

18 June 2018
In the last two decades, sustainability has taken centre stage within the property sector. The link between sustainable assets and a so-called ‘green premium’ remains something of a holy grail, […]

The common links between cycling, the property sector and climate change

25 April 2018
The Cycle to MIPIM has raised an incredible £750,000, as announced last night. A wonderful testament to the organisers and participants who worked so hard on such an amazing event. […]

Real Estate Impact Investment: From Niche to New Normal?

11 April 2018
Real estate sits at the intersection of some of the most significant global challenges. It contributes, positively and negatively, to issues including transportation, land use, climate change, resource use, health, […]

Circular Economy and the Built Environment

31 January 2018
With rising populations and accelerated urbanisation, the demand for resources is ever-increasing. Supply disruption, short-term economic uncertainty and price volatility are all facets of this increasing competition for resources. The […]

Sustainability is no longer an option: it is key for profitability

7 September 2017
The impact of the government’s cuts to financial support for renewable energy has been immediate and profound. These changes were announced by energy secretary Amber Rudd in December, and took […]

Why so few companies are EED-compliant

8 March 2016
In a previous news-item we highlighted the confused implementation of Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which required businesses to conduct energy audits before December 5th 2015. […]

Opinion: Sustainable Cities & Renewable Energy

25 September 2015
As part of our featured articles on sustainable development & innovations, we’ve interviewed Etienne Cadestin who is Managing Director at Longevity Partners in the UK. We asked him about sustainable city […]

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