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BREEAM New Construction International

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BREEAM New Construction International

What is BREEAM New Construction International?

BREEAM New Construction International is one of the most recognised global environmental assessment tools for new property developments.

This environmental measurement tool enables developers and architects to integrate the highest standard of environmental sustainability in their specifications. It also ensures that the asset’s ongoing sustainable performance is recognised as it integrates measures for sustainable occupation management processes.

The BREEAM New Construction International 2016 scheme can be used to assess the environmental life cycle impacts of new buildings at the design and construction stages. The scheme covers a number of asset types, including:

  • 1. Residential
  • 2. Commercial (i.e. offices, industrial, and retail)
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Residential Institutions
  • 5. Hotels and Residential Institutions; and
  • 6. Non-standard building types (i.e. town hall, sports facilities, library, cinema, hospital, fire station and transport hubs).

Why is BREEAM New Construction International important for developers?

Applied in over 69 countries, BREEAM New Construction International provides developers with an internationally recognised third party accreditation to guide, assess and monitor the sustainability of their design and construction practices.

The certification rates buildings across nine different categories over both the design and post-construction stage:

  • 1. Energy
  • 2. Water
  • 3. Materials
  • 4. Pollution
  • 5. Land Use & Ecology
  • 6. Health & Wellbeing
  • 7. Waste
  • 8. Transport; and
  • 9. Management

Evidence needs to be collected at two different stages in a building’s lifecycle:

  • 1. Design Stage (DS): influence the architect and engineer’s design strategy to ensure that they embed best practice environmental measures.
  • 2. Post-construction stage (PCS): ensure that the contractor maintains the same level of environmental stewardship during the construction phase.

An asset’s score is then calculated based on its performance relative to the BREEAM credits and their requirements. Each credit and its associated best practice measure have a different impact on the overall rating.


How does a BREEAM New Construction International certification benefit you?

BREEAM is the European leader in green building certification, accounting for more than 80% of all sustainable commercial certifications in Europe.