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ISO 14001

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ISO 14001

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that sets out the minimum requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS).

It helps organisations improve their environmental performance by identifying, managing, monitoring and controlling their environmental issues in a holistic manner.

Why is ISO 14001 important to businesses?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised certification scheme that provides a framework for continual improvement of environmental goals within an organisation.

The EMS certification scheme provides a set of rules to ensure your buildings have documented energy, water and waste management systems in place.

Getting the certification means that you will be recognised by a third party administrator for ensuring the highest level of environmental sustainability within your company. It will therefore attract further investments towards your company or property funds.


ISO 14001 is aimed at all types of companies and organisations. Any company regardless of size, number of employees, assets under management (AUM), industry or annual revenue can certify to ISO 14001.


  • 1. Identify areas of significant environmental impact within your company;
  • 2. Compile a set of recommendations to improve the environmental performance of your company;
  • 3. Produce a manual with recommendations, compulsory procedures and business strategy;
  • 4. Meet all the requirements of the manual and providing certification.


How does ISO 14001 benefit you?

ISO 14001 is the stepping-stone for any organisation to begin strategically improving its environmental performance.

Key benefits include:

  • 1. Complying with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • 2. Promoting stakeholder and tenant engagement;
  • 3. Improving company market reputation;
  • 4. Achieving strategic business aims by incorporating environmental issues into business management;
  • 5. Integrating environmental performance targets in the procurement strategy of your company;
  • 6. Attaining competitive and financial advantage through improved efficiencies, and;
  • 7. Retaining competitive advantage resulting from ISO14001 through continual improvement.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

With our extensive international network and experienced consultants, we can:

  • 1. Develop your environmental management system;
  • 2. Help you identify your areas of significant impact, define your environmental objectives and provide recommendations for your company;
  • 3. Manage the entire initial certification and re-certification process at three-year interval;
  • 4. Provide a streamlined certification approach with the relevant templates and nomenclatures.