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Distributed Energy and Storage

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Distributed Energy and Storage

What are Distributed Energy and Storage Systems?

Distributed energy and storage refers to small scale distributed electrical generators, (such as rooftop PV and community scale wind farms), and storage devices, typically lithium-ion batteries.

These systems provide support for the grid, through frequency regulation and voltage support as well as allowing their users to benefit from a range of cost saving efficiencies.

Why distributed energy and storage?

The main drivers pushing for the implementation of storage systems are:

  • 1. Cheaper prices due to economies of scale associated with the surge of the electric vehicle and solar PV industries;
  • 2. Climate change mitigation, renewable energy incentives and government subsidies;
  • 3. The need for more grid support in light of increasing electricity demands.

While the market in the US is now quite mature, the European market, in comparison, remains underdeveloped.

Considering energy demands from electric vehicles (up to 30 GW of additional capacity in the most extreme of cases, according to the UK National Grid), this is the ideal time for new players to enter the distributed energy and storage market.

How could distributed energy and storage benefit your business?

For both residential or commercial property owners, implementing a distributed energy and storage system can lead to numerous cost reductions and provide increased energy security.

Some of the benefits include:

  • 1. Reducing energy bills through peak load sharing;
  • 2. Providing back-up power during outages;
  • 3. Optimising energy consumption to reduce electricity connection sourcing costs;
  • 4. Increasing productivity of decentralised generation such as solar or wind;
  • 5. Enabling better interconnection between energy users and suppliers; and
  • 6. Offering ancillary grid services such as frequency regulation and voltage support.

How can Longevity help you?

Our team has a proven track record in delivering distributed generation and storage systems throughout Europe.

From feasibility to delivery, our team of Energy Specialists is dedicated to ensuring that all stages of the process are performed with the utmost care, considering the legislative specificities and market trends of the project country.

We work closely with our clients to identify solutions that are tailored to their needs and guarantee long-term profitability.