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Electric Vehicles Strategy

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Electric Vehicles Strategy

What is an Electric Vehicles (EV) Strategy?

The use and uptake of Electric Vehicles (EV) is happening fast and adaptation to customers’ needs is crucial to ensure properties remain attractive. There are many ways of generating revenue through the implementation of strong EV strategies, whilst ensuring you provide the right infrastructure for building users or residents.

Developing a sound EV strategy means fully understanding how to benefit from EV charging points, and attract further users via the deployment of good charging facilities to enhance users’ experience.

Why an Electric Vehicle Strategy?

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that there will be 140m electric cars by 2030 globally.

EVs could help bring about considerable decarbonisation for the future road transport sector, along with the co-benefits of improved resource efficiency and reduced air pollution. Compared to a conventional vehicle, it is estimated that EVs will contribute to 42% less GHG emission reduction in 2030, depending on the make-up of the grid.

By 2023, EU zone regulations will require 10% of parking spaces in new constructions to have access to electric recharging facilities.

We are on the cusp of a revolution in the transport sector, of which electric vehicles are at the heart. Understanding how this is going to affect your portfolio in the medium and long-term, will be vital in future-proofing your business.

How could an Electric Vehicle Strategy benefit your business?

EV ownership is growing every year, and that means more chargers will be needed in the future to facilitate this growth. Forecasting how and where EV owners are going to charge their vehicles could prevent your business from developing a scatter-gun approach to EV deployment and underutilised assets.

By forecasting the regional variations in EV uptake and considering the geographical characteristics of each site, your business can justify the rollout of EV chargers and ensure that they generate the desired revenue, and emissions reductions.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

Longevity Partners provides turnkey solutions for our clients from feasibility analysis, to planning and design, to the installation and operation of EV recharging points.

EV Charger Feasibility Analysis

  1. Our in-house modelling software tells you the required number of chargers and the recommended charging speed now and in the future;
  2. From offices to retail, we provide sector-specific assessments. For example, we use our in-house research on the forecast growth of electrified heavy-duty vehicles alongside our legislative understanding of low emission zones across Europe for our industrial logistics clients, forecasting their future requirements;
  3. Our technical analysis extends beyond the nuts and bolts of EV charging systems to consider the future electrical capacity required from the grid.

Turnkey EV Charger Service

  1. Once we have performed our feasibility analysis, we work with our network of EV service providers to plan, design, install and operate EV chargers.
  2. We make sure that the chargers are properly designed and deployed to facilitate customers’ access.
  3. We provide site-specific operating solutions for the recharging points. Based on appropriate pricing and energy management strategies, we help you make efficient utilization of the charger and guarantee long-term profitability.

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