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Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

What is an energy audit?

Results from energy audits provide insight for building owners and also identify the most economical and energy-saving opportunities.  Audits alone do not decrease energy usage; energy-saving strategies must actually be applied in order to see results. However, the implementation of these cost-effective opportunities can result in a payback period typically ranging from six months to four years, depending on the savings approaches utilized.

How could an energy audit benefit your business?

Energy Savings:  Acknowledging and updating energy inefficiencies automatically reduces a building’s demand for energy.  An energy audit also increases the building owner’s knowledge of operating systems and their proper maintenance, which subsequently further decreases energy usage.

Financial Savings:  Energy savings and financial savings go hand-in-hand.  By identifying and committing to strategies that help reduce energy consumption, a building’s energy costs can be greatly reduced.

Sound Investment:  Even though energy audits require an initial fee, attending to hidden energy problems can prevent owners from facing future costs and repairs, reducing the net operating income (NOI) of the asset.

Increased Occupant Comfort:   Indoor environmental quality and overall occupant comfort levels can be raised by simply managing selected systems in a building.  For example, by upgrading an HVAC system, air flow can be regulated by providing heating and cooling  only when necessary.  Improved lighting levels can also create a more comfortable atmosphere while reducing energy costs.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

An experienced Longevity Partners engineer will examine your building, recommending the opportunities with the best paybacks and carbon savings.

To identify the greatest savings, we look at the way in which a building or site operates, including energy controls and maintenance procedures, as well as at the energy consuming systems in the building. We recommend projects have a clear implementation process, and help put this together.

We can also support your organisation to go beyond compliance, implement energy efficiency and cut costs now to take advantage of the opportunities in the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).