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Sustainability pre-acquisition due diligence reports

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Sustainability pre-acquisition due diligence reports

What is a sustainability pre-aquisition due dilligence report?

Acquisition is a critical moment during the investment lifecycle for property owners to gather detailed property information that may not be possible at any other time. It is imperative that real estate entities avoid any missed opportunities by ensuring that key sustainability risks and opportunities are identified from the outset.

Why perform a sustainability pre-aquisition due dilligence report?

Pre-acquisition due diligence reports ensure that sustainability is embedded into the investment process, identify current and future sustainability risks, and establish actions to improve performance and mitigate future risks.

How could a a sustainability pre-aquisition due dilligence report help your business?

Sustainability pre-acquisition due diligence reports provide two key benefits:

1. Risk management: protecting the medium to long term value and liquidity of your real estate portfolios from factors such as occupier demand, investor requirements, regulatory exposure, climate change and energy security.

2. Value creation: realising opportunities that can improve the value of property portfolios, such as increasing occupier attraction and retention, increasing rental value and slowing the rate of depreciation.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

Our approach is to assess the building’s current environmental performance and to identify opportunities to generate improvements which will unlock value in your asset. Significant risks are also identified, which could impact negatively on the property’s value in the future. Furthermore, we review the extent of occupier commitment to sustainability and the opportunities to improve tenant engagement as a means of improving tenant retention and drive rental growth. We conduct a thorough onsite investigation of the mechanical services and equipment in the building, as well as existing on-site practices, which enables a sustainability asset plan to be produced at the onset of the investment, ensuring risks are mitigated against and opportunities realised early on in the asset management process.