ESG Integration in Real Estate: Unifying Data Management, Reporting, and Strategy as the missing link

12 July 2023
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” – Peter Drucker   As climate regulations and investor ESG requirements become ever more ambitious, real estate companies often find themselves in a […]

Japanese Architecture: Navigating Resilience, Sustainability, and Global Trends in a Changing World

7 June 2023
In many cities of the world, you can find copy-paste design and concrete monoliths, but the style of Japanese buildings has remained distinct. When walking through any of Japan’s cities, […]

Leveraging incentives & regulations for real estate investors – unlocking sustainable finance

26 April 2023
The Sustainable Finance Policy Landscape The international investment and sustainable development communities have developed a complex network of ESG regulations and incentives – specifying the full scope of sustainable finance […]

Analysis: Overcoming Subjectivity in Climate Risk Modelling for Real Estate Investors

18 January 2023
Real estate investment and development decisions are reached in a world of intrinsic future climate risk and uncertainty. Risk is different from uncertainty because risk is quantifiable in a sense […]

Designing Meaningful Engagement with Stakeholders

15 December 2022
The built environment plays a crucial role in the health, wellbeing, and stability of communities, and, as a result, strategic leaders must take values and priorities of different stakeholder groups […]

Passive design: Keeping you comfortable without using energy 

27 October 2022
As energy prices rise and the race to Net Zero Carbon rages on, high-tech options may often seem like the only solution. However, it is important to remember the fundamental […]

Global ESG Consultancy, Longevity Partners, Appoints Two New Senior Board Members

25 October 2022
Austin, TEXAS – October 25, 2022 – Longevity Partners appoints Tamar Dane Dor-Ner and David Cropper to Board of Directors    Longevity Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of […]

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials – Guidance for Third Party Green Building Certifications

21 October 2022
Also called “ethical sourcing,” responsible sourcing is a voluntary commitment by companies to consider the social and environmental impacts of their supply chains and relationships with vendors[1].   Responsible sourcing […]

Cities are Driving Innovations in ESG Policy

16 May 2022
Unprecedented urban development has put increasing pressure on cities to develop sustainable growth strategies. Already, cities account for 75% of global carbon emissions and with urban populations set to double by 2050, the […]

Earth Day 2022: Investing In Our Planet 

22 April 2022
With this year’s Earth Day theme being Investing in Our Planet, it seems appropriate to start by looking back at the initial investment made by Senator Gaylord Nelson back in […]

International Women’s Day with Sarah Welton

8 March 2022
On a recent morning, I awoke to the bad news no working mother wants to hear – you do not have childcare today. In a minor panic, I assessed the […]

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