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Sustainable Design

Our Sustainable Design team can provide you with professional guidance on asset-level strategy development and implementation.

We provide expert advice on the definition of a “market-leading” project, both locally and internationally, and guide our clients on specific policy requirements at borough level. Longevity Partners provide a comprehensive review of the current and future state of the market. We also deliver a review of evolving policy trends and engage with you and relevant stakeholders to develop a Sustainability Strategy which is bespoke for your asset.

We specialize in advising our clients on refurbishment and new construction projects. Longevity Partners can facilitate the implementation of a Sustainability Strategy, by guiding design teams on the targets to meet and pathways to achieving them, using tailored interactive workshops and specific technical studies.  We review existing project designs, or otherwise guide design teams to create a sustainable design and develop tangible opportunities for high ESG performance. We then structure the project and design teams around a bespoke ESG supported by a roadmap implementation strategy.

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