By Ted Stadtmueller

Earth Day 2022: Investing In Our Planet 

With this year’s Earth Day theme being Investing in Our Planet, it seems appropriate to start by looking back at the initial investment made by Senator Gaylord Nelson back in 1969. After the giant oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, it wasn’t a huge capital investment that led to a global movement that now mobilizes over 1 billion individuals each year in more than 190 countries. It was the investment in education through teach-ins, Senator Nelson’s time, and a willingness to take bold actions that led to Earth Day now being considered one of the largest secular observances in the world.  

Here at Longevity Partners, we are a global, multidisciplinary energy and sustainability consultancy that offers long-term value creation opportunities for some of the largest investors and owners in the real estate sector. With approximately 40% of the global consumption of raw materials and 30% of global CO2 emissions resulting from the built environment, it’s the bold action of our clients and willingness to make a more traditional capital investment in our planet, often in markets where regulation does not always require action, that we would like to highlight for this year’s theme of Investing in our Planet. Below are just two examples of the over 100 clients on four continents we have worked with who are consciously deciding to invest in our planet in hopes of creating a better tomorrow.  

Client 1:

Investment Made: Pursuing BREEAM In-Use certification for over 70 North American assets 

Certification background: Founded by the Building Research Establishment in 1990, BREEAM is the longest established method for assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings with over 550,000 certifications globally. 

Benefits to the planet/community: Benefits include enhanced occupant health and wellbeing, reduced operational costs and resource consumption, and climate or physical risk mitigation. 

Client 2: 

Investment MadeESG Due Diligence reporting for standing assets in addition to new acquisitions 

Certification background: Growing awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors among real estate investors has created a need for ESG due diligence reporting.  

Benefits to the planet/community: These ESG due diligence provide a comprehensive overview of an asset’s ESG performance, including value creation opportunities as well as any potential risks. This encourages companies to manage properties in a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. 

As our clients above have shown, investing in ESG for their assets is not only beneficial to their tenets, investors, property owners, and more, but it is also a worthy investment for the environment. The built environment is responsible for nearly 40%  of all carbon emissions, and without prompt action, it will only increase. It is undeniable that systematic change is needed in the real estate industry to reduce its footprint. At Longevity Partners, we are proud to support our clients in this mission, and we believe that there has never been a more critical time to invest in ESG than now.

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