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We are a global and independent multidisciplinary sustainability consultancy: your one-stop shop to deliver all your sustainability goals.

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Longevity Partners believes in long-term partnerships in order to drive the transition to a low carbon economy through the implementation of innovative tactics. We provide our clients with solutions to improve their competitiveness, grow revenues and better address the changing needs of their clients.

Our Clients

“Longevity has been very valuable in providing sustainability consultancy services, particularly during the first years of VIA Outlets setting up its sustainability strategy, when there was only a dedicated resource in the company for this issue. They did an excellent job in monitoring resource consumption, generating status reports, analysing data, collecting information and evidence as well as generating the first sustainability report."

Geert Paemen, Group Sustainability Director, Real Estate Investment & Asset Management, VIA Outlets

"I appreciate the quality and timeliness of work that Juliette and Alice done for us over GRESB submissions this year. In sum, they have been a pleasure to work with. I can confidently recommend Longevity as a solid and reliable service provider, and experts in their filed."

JP Morgan Asset Management

"The team of Longevity have been amazing to work with from day 1. They helped us implement our Sustainability approach which resulted in raising the GRESB scores for all our funds and supported our participating assets to quickly become leaders in their industry."

Whitehelm Capital

Longevity Partners is a multi-disciplinary sustainability consultancy founded in 2015 to support businesses in the transition to a low carbon economy across the UK, Europe, the United States, and Asia. We provide strategic guidance, compliance support and innovative solutions to property investors, developers and occupiers. We enable them to achieve their energy and resource efficiency targets, reduce their environmental impact, future-proof their businesses and unlock their full commercial potential.

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