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Longevity Partners USA

Who we are

Longevity Partners is a multi-disciplinary energy and sustainability consultancy. Founded in 2015 to support businesses in the transition to a low carbon economy worldwide.

We provide strategic guidance, compliance support and innovative solutions to property investors, developers and occupiers. We enable them to achieve their energy and resource efficiency targets, reduce their environmental impact, future-proof their businesses and unlock their full commercial potential.

Longevity Partners believes in long-term partnerships in order to drive the transition to a low carbon economy through the implementation of innovative tactics. We provide our clients with solutions to improve their competitiveness, grow revenues and better address the changing needs of their clients.

Our clients

Longevity Partners provides first-class energy and sustainability advice to developers, owners, investors and occupiers across all sectors of the commercial & residential property industry. 

Our projects

With offices in Paris, London and Amsterdam, Munich, Austin, New York, and San Francisco, Longevity Partners is the largest BREEAM In-Use assessor in the world. The company managed and improved GRESB for $13bn worth of commercial property, conducted solar PV feasibility surveys for projects worth more than $250m and developed ESG strategies & CSR programmes for over $9bn of real estate. Longevity Partners has more than 2000 assets certified or under certification, across 38 countries. We are the first sustainability advisory business to become a provider of turnkey energy projects and we are proud to partner with the world's largest propcos.


Our team

Longevity Partners prides itself on its in-house team of specialist assessors.

Our multi-lingual team has extensive experience in delivering certifications globally for some of the world’s leading financial institutions, retailers and property developer.

Our awards

Longevity Partners has been recognised for its pioneering work across Europe; the only sustainability advisory business operating at scale across Europe and offering turn-key solutions, Longevity has received the following awards.

Our values and mission

The world is constantly changing. With 9 billion people and 80% of the world’s population living in urban areas by 2050, Longevity Partners’ mission is to reduce the environmental impact of businesses and support their sustained responsible growth in the coming decades. 

Our Values serve as a framework for our modus operandi and guide every aspects of our business:

  • Pragmatism
  • Creativity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Integrity
  • Drive to make lasting impact
  • Teamwork and partnerships