The benefits of environmental auditing

Environmental Audits

What is an Environmental Audit?

An Environmental Audit is a type of environmental report that assesses the environmental impact of various operations against a set of criteria or standards. There are various types of environmental audits depending on the types of criteria and the audit’s focus. Environmental issues are now recognised as important by all types of organisations, and they realise that their environmental performance will be scrutinised by a wide range of interested parties.  

The environmental impacts covered by an audit may include: 

  1. Energy
  2. Carbon dioxide and other emissions
  3. Waste
  4. Water

Why conduct an Environmental Audit?

We deliver a citation-based audit report that examines your present operational practices, including: 

  • Energy consumption
  • Emissions of carbon dioxide (carbon footprint)
  • Solid garbage is waste that has been collected
  • Water usage
  • Environmental policies and procedures that apply to your company

Our audit report will include the following information: 

  • An examination of all major environmental impacts over which your company has authority or influence.
  • A gap analysis of the modifications that need to be made to improve your company’s current environmental management systems.

How can an Environmental Audit benefit your business?

Conducting an Environmental audit can provide the following benefits:

  1. Ensuring legislative compliance
  2. Reducing environmental impacts
  3. Reducing waste, water, and energy costs (annual savings are typically greater than our fee for the audit)
  4. Improving relations with stakeholders

How can Longevity Partners help you?

Organizations are placing increasingly greater emphasis on sustainability. Consumers, employees, and investors are putting pressure on businesses to develop long-term sustainable business models, products, and services. In all segments of the supply chain, sustainable practises are expected and desired. 

Longevity is globally recognised for our strategic thought leadership within the resources and sustainability management consulting space, helping clients to navigate complex targets in a fast-moving world.

To complete and environmental audit, Longevity Partners’ energy consultants will work alongside you to determine your requirements and conduct an audit that addresses your goals. For this purpose, we will collect/conduct:

  1. Energy and technical data
  2. Review of the policies and procedures
  3. Staff interviews
  4. Site visit

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