European Union Council adopts Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

4 June 2024
There has been big news for corporate accountability this month: the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) has been officially adopted by the Council of the European Union. After four […]

The Well Ratings: a Targeted Commitment to Occupant Health and Wellbeing

20 March 2024
The evolution of wellbeing from simply a buzzword a decade ago to its explosion as a guiding principle post-pandemic has produced a remarkable shift in the real estate industry. In […]

Key Highlights of the Revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

18 December 2023
On Thursday 7th December, the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of the European Union reached a final agreement on the revision of the Energy Performance of Building’s Directive, initially […]

EU presents two key Developments in the EU Sustainable Finance Landscape: The European Sustainability Reporting Standards and Updated EU Sustainable Finance Package

15 June 2023
Two key developments took place in the EU sustainable finance landscape this past week:   1. European Commission’s proposal for the European Sustainability Reporting Standards    On 9th June the Commission […]

The Environment and Planning Act Netherlands: a holistic overview

26 May 2023
On 1 January 2024, the new Environment and Planning Act (“The Act”) will come into effect. The Act will create a more coherent regulatory landscape, replacing several existing laws regulating […]

On transparency in Responsible Investing, and Longevity Partners’ PRI Reporting Tool

13 April 2023
Transparency & UNPRI signatory reporting in 2023 Institutional investors increasingly recognize the importance of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decision-making. To this end, the United […]

Dutch Real estate industry forced to respond to increasing water scarcity

28 February 2023
An increasing number of institutional investors put sustainability at the core of their real estate investment strategies, with a predominant focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, other […]

Designing Meaningful Engagement with Stakeholders

15 December 2022
The built environment plays a crucial role in the health, wellbeing and stability of communities, and, as a result, strategic leaders must take values and priorities of different stakeholder groups […]

Building a Strong Foundation: The Value of DEI in Commercial Real Estate

12 December 2022
Before stepping into any great building, it must first be constructed. And the key to constructing a great building? Establishing a strong foundation. New York skyscrapers didn’t just appear. Architects […]

Analysis: The Challenges of Human Rights in Real Estate Supply Chains

7 December 2022
Though ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is becoming an ever-prominent topic across industries and geographies, the disparate attention given to the E, relative to the S and G, is an […]

COP27 Round-Up: International Climate Negotiations and the Real Estate Sector

30 November 2022
Summary: Despite controversies, obstacles and geopolitical tension, there was at least one point of international agreement to come from the COP27 negotiations: we have entered a critical decade for climate […]

Energy Efficiency in Shopping Centres

24 November 2022
A shopping centre is generally regarded as a building, or a complex of buildings, designed and built to contain a group of retail stores and service establishments, usually with large […]

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