The Environment and Planning Act Netherlands: a holistic overview

26 May 2023
Sebastiaan Nesse, Policy & Regulation Consultant and Michael Verhoeven, Sustainability & Energy Analyst, Longevity Partners Netherlands On 1 January 2024, the new Environment and Planning Act (“The Act”) will come […]

On transparency in Responsible Investing, and Longevity Partners’ PRI Reporting Tool

13 April 2023
Stefano Capacci, Business Unit Lead Sustainable Finance, Longevity Partners Transparency & UNPRI signatory reporting in 2023 Institutional investors increasingly recognize the importance of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations […]

Dutch Real estate industry forced to respond to increasing water scarcity

28 February 2023
An increasing number of institutional investors put sustainability at the core of their real estate investment strategies, with a predominant focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, other […]

Designing Meaningful Engagement with Stakeholders

15 December 2022
Gabriella Palma, Senior Consultant, Global Social Impact Business Unit Lead, Longevity Partners The built environment plays a crucial role in the health, wellbeing and stability of communities, and, as a […]

Building a Strong Foundation: The Value of DEI in Commercial Real Estate

12 December 2022
Morayo Kamson, Sustainability & Energy Analyst, Longevity Partners USA Before stepping into any great building, it must first be constructed. And the key to constructing a great building? Establishing a […]

Analysis: The Challenges of Human Rights in Real Estate Supply Chains

7 December 2022
Kanon Tsuda, Consultant, Longevity Partners Though ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is becoming an ever-prominent topic across industries and geographies, the disparate attention given to the E, relative to the […]

COP27 Round-Up: International Climate Negotiations and the Real Estate Sector

30 November 2022
Jillian Giberson, Senior Policy Analyst, Longevity Partners Summary: Despite controversies, obstacles and geopolitical tension, there was at least one point of international agreement to come from the COP27 negotiations: we […]

Energy Efficiency in Shopping Centres

24 November 2022
Elliot Ikenna Ogbechina, Sustainability and Energy Consultant   A shopping centre is generally regarded as a building, or a complex of buildings, designed and built to contain a group of […]

Passive design: Keeping you comfortable without using energy 

27 October 2022
Tom Sutherland, Senior Consultant As energy prices rise and the race to Net Zero Carbon rages on, high-tech options may often seem like the only solution. However, it is important […]

Recent heatwaves draw much needed attention to the need to adapt buildings to increasing temperatures 

5 October 2022
Kitty Greenwood, Senior Climate Analyst The UKs recent heatwave, breaking record temperatures by reaching up to 40.3⁰C on July 19th, has caused many to pause and give thought for what […]

Disclosure requirements and ESG risk: Understanding changes in sustainable finance

14 September 2022
by Patrick Rogers, Senior Sustainability & Energy Analyst The effects of climate change are being seen in ever-increasing clarity this summer: wildfires and heatwaves across the world have begun earlier […]

The Circular Economy and Embodied Carbon, two sides of the same coin

20 July 2022
Theo Meslin, Sustainability Consultant, Longevity Partners Circular Economy is a principle that has long existed but has only recently gained popularity. In fact, one could argue that the concept has […]

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