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ESG Strategy

What is an ESG Strategy?

“Know where you are going before you drive” – an ESG strategy defines the direction of your ESG program and meets your stakeholders’ expectations, regulatory requirements, and market needs.

We develop bespoke strategies through a robust materiality review process. The aim is to understand your motivation and aspiration and prioritise ESG aspects that create positive impacts for your business, the environment and our society.

Capture the real value of sustainability

Companies have limited resources and time. The key is to ensure your ESG program is efficient and prioritises ESG aspects material to the business. A successful ESG strategy integrates ambitious ESG commitments and provides a practical implementation plan, enabling it to save costs and generate better returns.

We conduct market analysis by combining internal policy reviews, peer reviews, and legislation reviews. We also engage with your stakeholders to understand your risks and opportunities from evolving market trends, regulations, and stakeholder expectations.


How can Longevity Partners help with your ESG Programme?

Our team works across service lines within Longevity Partners to:

  1. Recommend ESG objectives, KPIs and targets that deliver your long-term vision
  2. Tailor an action plan appropriate to your business model and processes
  3. Propose a governance structure and communication plan to ensure the ESG strategy is effectively implemented and recognised by stakeholders.

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