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Biodiversity is one of our most effective tools to fight climate change through nature-based solutions.

Biodiversity exists in nearly all developments we assess. When it is lacking from a development, or when it is not properly accounted for, Longevity Partners’ experts advise and develop solutions to its revitalisation.

By working closely with landscape architects and ecologists through to interior designers, we ensure biodiversity is at the top of your agenda.

Urban greening and biodiversity is one of our core ESG pillars. We ensure it is addressed, either through certifications such as BiodiverCity, or through strategic advisory by setting targets for biodiversity and Urban Greening Factors, as well as Net Biodiversity increase targets, and providing roadmaps to achieve them.

Incorporating Biophilic Design – the architectural and interior design practice of integrating natural ecosystems and elements in the built environment – is becoming increasingly important to investors. With Biophilic Design comes high retail value, improvement in staff productivity, and affordable office planning. We ensure to provide tailored advice on main features of biophilic architecture and structures.

For more information on this service, explore our Biodiversity certification below.


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