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What is an ESG Risk Screening?

ESG Risk Screening refers to the process of monitoring and assessing exposure to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks across the full range of commercial and financial transactions, from investment through acquisition.

Incorporating ESG criteria in these valuations and assessments is increasingly key to ensuring long-term value, financial returns, and positive social impact. Stakeholders increasingly focus attention on how asset managers assess ESG risks for all transactions and acquisitions and how those risks are then managed to maintain and unlock value. ESG risks range from climate change mitigation and compliance to legislations and regulations, to respect for human rights.

How does ESG risk screening benefit your business?

ESG Risk Screening provides the following key benefits:

  1. Successfully monitor ESG externalities in acquisition decision-making.
  2. Obtain discounts on green loans or identify opportunities to upgrade well-performing financial transaction into green loans.
  3. Stay ahead of changing regulatory and investor demands.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

Our ESG and decarbonisation experts have assembled the best practices from across the market to provide you with the optimal ESG screening tool.

  1. We collaborate with you to screen your ESG risks and provide you with a report summarising our findings.
  2. With loans, Longevity Partner’s ESG Risk Screening process looks at the ESG performance of the borrower, assessing whether any red flags are raised that could affect the client or asset’s reputational or counterparty risks.
  3. We assess ESG risks prior to the acquisition of an asset. This ensures that you can monitor ESG externalities in your acquisition decision-making.
  4. Where an asset is screened to have a high ESG performance, Longevity Partners can recommend to pursue a green loan and guide the you through the green loan process, with the aim of receiving a discount on the loan issued on the property.

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