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Why are legislations & regulations important to the built environment?

The built environment currently accounts for 40% of all energy-related CO2 emissions and employing millions of people around the world. It has a key role to play in the transition towards a more human- and environment-centred way of doing business. Regulating activities in the built environment is a vital lever to accelerate this ESG transition and is therefore a key focus for policymakers globally.

How can legislations & regulations benefit you?

Understanding current regulatory requirements and future policy trends surrounding ESG issues is key for the success of your business strategy. Keeping track of the wide-ranging and fast-changing regulatory landscape will enable you to be ahead of the curve and develop long-term strategies that will contribute to making our economy and society more sustainable over the decades to come. By better apprehending the risks and opportunities related to regulatory requirements, you will make your business more resilient to sustainability risks, thereby increasing its credibility and competitiveness.

How can Longevity help you?

At Longevity Partners, we believe that regulatory knowledge forms the foundation of any successful sustainability strategy. We use our specialist knowledge of the real estate sector to provide policy and regulatory analysis tailored to our clients’ needs and geographic interests. Our services include:

  1. Legislation Reviews:
    • Map out current and emergent ESG regulations that affect the real estate sector (international, country, state, or city levels)
    • Analyse the potential impact of legislation on our clients’ operations and investments and suggest actions to reduce risk.
    • Conduct a comparative analysis of regulatory risks and opportunities across selected geographies
  2. Trainings & Workshops: deliver policy workshops that focus on specific topics/geographies to complement clients’ existing internal knowledge and train relevant members of staff
  3. Data Management & Reporting: provide clients with support for reporting in line with sustainable finance regulations (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Directive, EU Taxonomy Regulation).

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