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Strategy & Reporting

From strategy development and reporting through to ESG implementation, Longevity Partners works alongside you on your sustainability journey. With a global team of experienced ESG strategists, engineers, and finance professionals, we have the expertise and resources to accompany you from start to end.

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Sustainable Finance

Unlock Sustainable Capital. Longevity Partners supports clients in assessing the climate risk associated with investment opportunities. To achieve your goals, our experts can also assist in the development of Green Finance Frameworks and the assessment of funding opportunities.

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Green Building Certifications

Green Building Certifications are becoming essential in today’s real estate and infrastructure markets. They are increasingly proven to augment an asset’s value, reduce operational costs, and improve occupant wellbeing. Longevity Partners can assist you from start to end in obtaining a range of certifications to match your goals.

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Sustainable Design

Our Sustainable Design team can provide you with professional guidance on asset-level strategy development and implementation. We provide expert advice on the definition of,  and pathway to, a “market-leading” project, on the local and international scenes.

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Net Zero Carbon

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, rapid and widespread action across our industry is needed. We can assist you on your Net Zero Carbon journey, whether you are the very beginning, or have an established strategy and would like help implementing or optimising it.

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Climate Resilience

Climate change poses one of the most significant risks of the 21st century to the economy and environment, particularly to the built environment, which contributes approximately 40% towards global emissions. At Longevity Partners, we assist our clients in becoming more resilient against the effects of climate change by identifying, quantifying and managing risk, be it at the asset, portfolio or corporate level, providing tailored risk reduction plans to future-proof your business. 

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Renewable Energy

Our subsidiary, Longevity Power, provides clean energy solutions across the globe. Whether it’s rooftop solar, onsite electric vehicle charging, or offsite green power procurement, Longevity Power works in tandem with the Longevity Partners team to provide a one-stop-shop approach to clean energy within the property industry.

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