Building toward climate resilience: are we in the same boat?

30 January 2023
Miquel Nijsen, Senior Sustainability & Energy Analyst, Longevity Partners As we embark on this New Year, a select group of scientists are busy at work, studying a shortlist of nine […]

Climate smart brownfield revitalisation

23 January 2023
Maryam Arshad, Sustainability and Energy Analyst, Longevity Partners  Brownfield sites are typically described as derelict, contaminated, and abandoned areas of land that are mostly seen as an “urban problem” because […]

Analysis: Overcoming Subjectivity in Climate Risk Modelling for Real Estate Investors

18 January 2023
Anton Konshin, Sustainability and Energy Analyst, Longevity Partners Real estate investment and development decisions are reached in a world of intrinsic future climate risk and uncertainty. Risk is different from […]

The role of onsite battery storage in our journey to Net Zero

22 November 2022
by Anthony Maguire, Director of Longevity Power    In the drive for carbon neutrality, asset managers are understandably keen to generate as much of their required electricity as possible from […]

Financing building optimisation: the path to retrofit

17 November 2022
Tom Sharp, Senior Sustainability and Energy Analyst     Investment in building optimisation is required to move existing building stock towards net zero and decarbonisation pathways. Implementations to achieve greater energy […]

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials – Guidance for Third Party Green Building Certifications.  

21 October 2022
Author: Imane Ketrane, Sustainability and Energy Analyst, Longevity Partners Editor: Carson Smith, Sustainability & Energy Consultant, Longevity Partners   Also called “ethical sourcing,” responsible sourcing is a voluntary commitment by […]

Sustainable Finance: value creation in Real Estate with positive sustainability outcomes

4 August 2022
by Hugh Falcon, Senior Analyst, Longevity Partners  The world is running out of time to limit the worst effects of climate change. If we are to avoid the effects of […]

The Circular Economy and Embodied Carbon, two sides of the same coin

20 July 2022
Theo Meslin, Sustainability Consultant, Longevity Partners Circular Economy is a principle that has long existed but has only recently gained popularity. In fact, one could argue that the concept has […]

Earth Day 2022: Investing In Our Planet 

22 April 2022
by Ted Stadtmueller With this year’s Earth Day theme being Investing in Our Planet, it seems appropriate to start by looking back at the initial investment made by Senator Gaylord […]

Towards Net Zero: Why the US Industrial Sector is Adopting BREEAM

18 March 2022
by Peter Howle, Senior Sustainability and Energy Consultant There are two numbers every real estate professional should know about climate change: the first is 11.7 billion, the second is zero. 11.7 […]

International Women’s Day with Sarah Welton

8 March 2022
by Sarah Welton, Business Growth Director  On a recent morning, I awoke to the bad news no working mother wants to hear – you do not have childcare today. In […]

Different Guidelines, Different Definitions : Why We Need a Standardised Net Zero Carbon Certification Scheme for Real Estate Investors

27 September 2021
Ding Li, Senior Strategy Consultant To limit global warming to 1.5°C, the world needs to be carbon neutral by 2050. Real estate investors are racing to capture the business opportunities […]

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