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Renewable Energy: Longevity Power

Our subsidiary, Longevity Power, provides clean energy solutions across the globe.

Whether it’s rooftop solar, onsite electric vehicle charging, or offsite green power procurement, Longevity Power works in tandem with the Longevity Partners team to provide a one-stop-shop approach to clean energy within the property industry.

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To have the greatest impact, investors need to understand the potential across their entire portfolio and deploy clean energy solutions at scale in accordance with a centralised, coordinated delivery timeline. Longevity Power uses its’ in-house knowledge of the global policy landscape alongside its proprietary financial modelling system to provide clients with a truly portfolio-wide approach.

Once an implementation roadmap is in place, Longevity Power executes the installations themselves, working with suppliers and local engineers to ensure that investors and corporate occupiers achieve the optimal sustainability, reputational and financial benefits.

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