Global ESG Consultancy Longevity Partners launches Longevity Power to deliver renewable energy solutions and strategies for businesses

The new standalone company will work with corporates to implement net zero carbon and electric vehicle infrastructure programmes for clients’  real assets, acting as a one-stop-shop.

Monday 21st June, 2021, London, UK: London-based Longevity Partners, the global, multidisciplinary energy and sustainability consultancy which supports businesses as they transition to a low carbon economy, today announced the launch of its new clean energy solutions spin-off company: Longevity Power.

The new organisation will work in tandem with Longevity Partners, offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to managing transitional climate risk for public and private bodies. Longevity Partners advises clients on how to ‘future-proof’ properties. Meanwhile Longevity Power will work with a wider global audience to deliver on their net-zero carbon commitments such as installing on-site renewable energy solutions.

Global power demand is set to double by 2050, with electricity’s share of global final energy consumption growing from 19 to 30% over that period. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that, globally, the share of electricity in building energy consumption will rise by 67% by 2050, largely due to increased electrification of the transport and heating systems.

Because of this, there is an urgent need to increase the presence of clean energy solutions for the built environment and to do so as quickly as possible if we want to meet the 1.5°C target.

With net zero targets on the horizon, it is increasingly important for all business leaders to understand the renewable energy potential of buildings (both old and new) and their capacity to generate energy, run sustainably and ultimately reduce costs through smarter energy consumption. This comes amidst increasing stakeholder demand at all levels to meet climate goals.

Longevity Power’s offering will centre around four core services: Renewable energy strategy; On-site renewable energy implementation; Off-site energy procurement with corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Electric vehicle infrastructure deployment.

The tag line Positive Energy reflects the fact that Longevity Power focuses on responsibly sourced materials to reduce the overall embodied carbon related to its projects and ensure that the clean energy transition has a positive impact on society and the planet.

Anthony Maguire, Director of Longevity Power, said, “At Longevity Partners, we increasingly found that clients wanted a company to take them from start to finish, setting ESG targets and seeing them through to implementation. By introducing Longevity Power, we are able to offer clients a full end-to-end approach and reassure them that their properties are going to be resilient in the face of climate change – whether that’s by optimising on-site renewable energy solutions, or through the introduction of EV charge points to anticipate occupants’ needs over the coming decade.

Etienne Cadestin, CEO of Longevity Partners, added, “The purpose of the Longevity Group is to support businesses and governments with the delivery of the climate goals. Clean power is set to draw $11tn of investment in the coming decades and will play a huge role in securing a safe and climate-resilient future for our children. The level of systemic transformation that is required is similar to that of the bronze age. As a standalone company, Longevity Power is fully committed to providing the full spectrum of electric vehicle and clean energy infrastructure services to support businesses with their transition.”


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About Longevity Partners

Operating in 38 countries for more than 100 institutional investors across all asset classes, Longevity Partners provides all services required to future-proof property investment portfolios. From carbon foot-printing to climate risk and ESG strategy development and implementation, our experts provide all the tools to respond to ESG performance requirements from pension funds and asset owners. Longevity works hand-in-hand with real estate owners to position their assets for the demands of tomorrow, while improving the well-being of users and net operating income today.

The company advises on anticipated legislation and designates achievable benchmarks for companies to improve ESG and outperform their competitors. Asset managers must be aware of how they can optimise their assets’ resiliency to extreme weather events, better manage regulatory risks and improve the quality of their products over time to respond to client demand.

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About Longevity Power

Founded in 2021, Longevity Power was established by Longevity Partners, a leading global ESG advisory firm. Longevity Power provides strategic advisory, project management and full turnkey solutions for onsite and offsite renewable energy projects and electric vehicle charging. With offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Austin, New York & San Francisco, the company leads businesses through the complex global energy landscape and helps to develop tailored renewable energy strategies to meet their net-zero energy ambitions. For further information, please visit

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