PHILIPPE PELLETIER, President of Sustainable Building Plan

Interviews from the responsible real estate greetings’ evening

Where is the sustainable building plan at, 10 years after its launch?

10 years after its launch by the public authorities, the Sustainable Building Plan is a privileged place for dialogue, co-construction and creativity of the building and sustainable real estate sector to support the energy and environmental transition of this sector. The initial ambition was clear: to find in the civil society the lever of this transition of our buildings and to inscribe this action in the duration. Since then, we have constantly stimulated the long-term participation, in their great diversity, of sustainable building stakeholders.

What were the successes and difficulties encountered?

The difficulties, as the successes, are diverse in the image of this decade of action. A large part of the systems in place have their origin in works of the Sustainable Building Plan and this association of actors in the development of public policies is a guarantee of success and better understanding. We are also very much in favor of the launch of voluntary dynamics and the best example is that of the Tertiary Charter, which for five years has led major real estate players to initiate or strengthen their environmental transformation in anticipation of the regulatory signal.

What are the major topics for 2019 (and longer term)?

For the coming year, all the lights are green to go into action mode: the energy renovation plan announced by the government in April 2018 finds its main operational translations, it is now resolutely to get into working order. It is this vast movement that we will accompany.


NATHALIE BARDIN, Director of Institutional Relations, Communication and CSR, ALTAREA COGEDIM

2018 highlights

Undertaking for a sustainable city

Climatic emergency, structural rise of inequalities, evolution of life courses, digital integration in everyday and professional life, … in a changing environment, the city becomes the theater of complex transitions, territorial, ecological, societal and technological.

The high concentration of activities and population in the cities makes them major actors of sustainable development on a global scale. Urban areas now account for 80% of the French population, and even though they are formidable accelerators of progress, this figure also masks various situations, in particular in terms of access to quality housing, shops and amenities. , to transport. Cities are also highly subject to the vagaries of the climate (heat islands in particular) and many of them are pressing the question of their resilience.

In addition, residents and stakeholders are now more informed, vigilant and demanding. They express strong expectations in terms of quality, but also of ethics and commitment to environmental and societal challenges.

Faced with all these challenges, the Group is convinced that cities offer solutions, and that the proximity of different uses and functional diversity are formidable levers of dynamism for the economic fabric and the social fabric. There is a real urgency to rethink cities to make them desirable, liveable, inclusive, resilient, connected, environmentally virtuous spaces.

Altarea Cogedim develops a creative city of value for all its occupants and visitors. The Group is looking for fast, efficient and sustainable solutions in terms of environmental impact, user comfort, functional, generational and social mix, while integrating the progress brought by digital and new technologies. Altarea Cogedim undertakes for the city, participates in the reinvention of its territorial, ecological, economic and societal dynamics, to always guarantee a high quality of life to its inhabitants. For this reason, the Group has repositioned the level of its CSR approach to meet these new challenges.

The CSR approach “All committed! “Conveys the ambition and convictions of the Group in the development of desirable cities:

– partnership with cities, to develop and preserve the territories;

– customer satisfaction, based on the maintenance of a permanent dialogue;

– talent excellence, the company’s main asset.


GIL BOURDET, Managing Director EGE France

Where are you at with your CSR approach?

The values of EGE are “Design, Quality, Respect”, the CSR approach is rooted in our DNA, our first actions began with the creation of the company, our certifications since 1996 (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, OHSAS 18001 Working Environmental Management, ISO 26001 & DS 49001 CSR Management …).

What are the successes and difficulties encountered for its implementation??

We are proud to be today one of the most advanced players in CSR globally in our industry.

As an industrialist, one of the challenges is the 360 ° implementation of the approach and the main difficulty in making the disruption acceptable: for example, when it was more than 15 years ago, we started systematic use With 100% recycled PET backing for our carpet tiles, innovation has been met with suspicion and conservatism by market players.

What do you wish for for the real estate profession in 2019 (and the following year) in terms of CSR?

To stay on course, to “educate” the stakeholders around the “green washing”, which discredits the virtuous approach of CSR.

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