What is BiodiverCity?

The BiodiverCity label assess and rates the ecological performance of new construction and heavy refurbishment projects . Combining both organic features and construction, it promotes the design, construction and even the use of forward-thinking building systems that prioritise the place of nature in the real estate projects.

Why obtain a BiodiverCity label?

The BiodiverCity® label adds value to your asset and complements international certifications (such as BREEAM and LEED) that consider but do not provide an in-depth analysis of biodiversity features. The label concerns all urban development and refurbishment projects on an urban, suburban, or natural site. It is of particular relevance when a building includes both users and significant outdoor spaces.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

A Longevity Partners BiodiverCity assessor can assist you from early conception stages to help you obtain a BiodiverCity label.

To assess performance of urban projects in relation to biodiversity, BiodiverCity relies on a multi-criteria approach. A number of key success factors have been identified that take into account the multiple aspects of a construction operation.

The assessment is conducted based on 4 axes, subdivided into 26 issues and 63 objectives to aim for through specific actions.

These four elements are as follows:

  1. Commitment: Adopting a biodiversity strategic plan tailored to the construction project.
  2. Available Resources: Designing an ecological architecture.
  3. Evaluate potential advantages: Optimising the ecological output of the project in terms of the quality and diversity of its ecological habitats.
  4. Benefits for users: Highlighting expected benefits for users’ wellbeing.

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