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What is WiredScore?

WiredScore assesses, certifies, and improves digital connectivity for real estate on a global scale. The certification is currently the only one assessing digital connectivity for real estate. To date, more than 65 million sq m of real estate space has received WiredScore certifications, across more than 160 cities.


WiredScore measures:


  • Resilience: Are potential outages mitigated through resilient infrastructure? Is critical telecommunications equipment secure?
  • Tenant experience: Does the building provide tenants with a seamless digital connectivity experience?
  • Mobile: Is the tenant experience in the building enhanced by access to uninterrupted mobile coverage?
  • Choice of providers: Do multiple high-speed fibre internet providers service the building and provide competitive pricing?
  • Future readiness: Is there flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies?


There are seven main sections of building connectivity that WiredScore covers:


  1. Mobile and wireless connectivity
  2. Building infrastructure – Point of Entry
  3. Building infrastructure – Telecommunications room
  4. Building infrastructure – RisersWhat
  5. Electrical resiliency
  6. Access readiness
  7. Digital Connectivity innovation


These come together to make up 29 different assessment issues (criteria), with a total of 100 credits, and with the potential for five additional innovation credits.

Why WiredScore?

Digital connectivity underpins economies around the world, enabling communication and collaboration at a global scale. Today’s businesses depend on fast and reliable digital infrastructure to operate effectively, making this an integral consideration for the real estate industry.

A WiredScore certification allows you to differentiate your asset(s) and reassure your tenants they have a best-in-class resilient digital infrastructure to support their business activities now and long into the future.

How does a WiredScore certification benefit You?

There are numerous benefits that can follow from receiving a WiredScore certification. Here are the key benefits you can expect:

  • Increase your asset’s market value
  • Avoid future retrofits for next-generation technology
  • Attract office tenants as it shows that your building project is being designed to support their organisation’s future
  • Increase your tenants’ well-being
  • Enhance building’s reputation as an innovative developer of future-proofed properties

How can Longevity help you with your WiredScore certification?

With our expert team of assessors and WiredScore Accredited Professionals, Longevity Partners can provide you with the following services:

  • Working with a WiredScore Expert: Longevity Partners will manage your asset’s certification, all the while minimising the workload placed on your teams, thanks to streamlined processes implemented by our WiredScore experts.
  • Achieving your desired score: Our WiredScore Accredited Professionals are trusted advisors with expert knowledge of the WiredScore scorecard. They provide you with the best available recommendations and advice required to achieve your desired score.
  • Obtaining an indicative assessment: Longevity Partners can provide an indicative assessment of the certification level your building can achieve.
  • Avoiding project delays: Project delays and additional costs can be avoided by engaging experts in the WiredScore certification process early in the design stage of your project.

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