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Sustainability Reporting

What is Sustainability Reporting?

Longevity Partners assists businesses in communicating sustainability strategies, a role of increasing importance given the scrutiny placed on this area of business, from investors and the wider public.

We work with our clients to produce annual sustainability reports. Published by a company within their annual report, a press article or a submission to a recognised body such as GRESB, the report gives information about how the business impacts economic, social, environmental and governance activities.

Furthermore, Longevity Partners verifies sustainability disclosures in accordance with the AccountAbility AA1000 Accounting Standards.

Why Sustainability Reporting?

Reporting enables companies to monitor and track their performance against public targets, whilst providing accountability and transparency.

To yield the maximum benefits from a sustainability strategy, it is essential that it is communicated in the correct way. Amidst the scrutiny placed on the issues of sustainability and climate change, it is no longer sufficient for an organisation to simply document its story. It is imperative that companies that are truly committed to sustainability demonstrate this by aligning their reporting against recognised frameworks such as EPRA (European Public Real Estate) or the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), as well as submitting to credible benchmarks such as GRESB.

How does a Sustainability Reporting benefit You?

Reporting frameworks such as EPRA and the GRI allow investors and key stakeholders to assess a business’ internal processes and procedures, ongoing performance and compare it against their peers. Without these frameworks, there will always be a limited level of credibility associated with sustainability disclosure and this has the potential to harm a business’ reputation.

These frameworks, along with benchmarks such as GRESB, encourage businesses to put in place vital structures, policies and procedures. Once this infrastructure is in place, it provides a solid foundation from which you can start to make real progress.

Furthermore, investors are increasingly looking for participation in sustainability benchmarks such as EPRA and GRESB, as well as analysing scores provided by extra-financial rating agencies such as MSCI, RobecoSAM and Sustainalytics. These organisations analyse publicly available sustainability information to provide companies with a score. Companies that perform poorly are at risk of detracting potential investors.

How can Longevity help you?

Longevity Partners delivers expert technical support for organisations in their response to a wide range of environmental reporting requirements.

Sustainability Reporting

Longevity Partners is able to walk you through the procedures for aligning your reporting with both EPRA and the GRI.


Our pre-submission gap analysis highlights where you should focus in the short, medium and long-term to maximise your GRESB score;

Our environmental data analysis and verification methodology follows the AccountAbility AA1000 Accounting Standards – and ensures that your reporting is as accurate as possible;

We manage the full GRESB submission for multiple clients. This involves providing recommendations, collating information and evidence and submitting responses directly onto the Client Portal online tool.

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