Japanese Architecture: Navigating Resilience, Sustainability, and Global Trends in a Changing World

7 June 2023
In many cities of the world, you can find copy-paste design and concrete monoliths, but the style of Japanese buildings has remained distinct. When walking through any of Japan’s cities, […]

Drivers of Sustainable Policymaking: A Comparative Study

30 May 2023
Across the globe, multinational and state governments have implemented increasingly stringent sustainability policies. In Europe the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) sent companies scrambling to align with new sustainability […]

The Environment and Planning Act Netherlands: a holistic overview

26 May 2023
On 1 January 2024, the new Environment and Planning Act (“The Act”) will come into effect. The Act will create a more coherent regulatory landscape, replacing several existing laws regulating […]

Sustainable Financing Opportunities in the Real Estate Market

22 May 2023
Climate change is inherently an economic problem, one caused by the unrelenting pace of the last two hundred years of economic expansion, largely made possible by access to cheap but […]

The Business Case for the Revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive  

9 May 2023
In recent months, the building sector has become the unexpected protagonist in the latest instalment of what is fast becoming an EU policy analyst’s favourite blockbuster: The Fit-for-55 Legislative Package. […]

Leveraging incentives & regulations for real estate investors – unlocking sustainable finance

25 April 2023
The Sustainable Finance Policy Landscape The international investment and sustainable development communities have developed a complex network of ESG regulations and incentives – specifying the full scope of sustainable finance […]

On transparency in Responsible Investing, and Longevity Partners’ PRI Reporting Tool

13 April 2023
Transparency & UNPRI signatory reporting in 2023 Institutional investors increasingly recognize the importance of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decision-making. To this end, the United […]

From Risk Management to Value Creation: Why Sustainable Due Diligence is critical

22 March 2023
2022 was transformational for real estate investment activities. New frameworks such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), SRI and the EU Taxonomy brought a new layer of complexity and […]

ESG Vendor Due-Diligence: How to prepare the disposal of an asset or portfolio

10 March 2023
ESG credentials have become a huge part of the process of screening investments, and in the current market dynamics we see that ESG is a tangible route for price negotiation. […]

Dutch Real estate industry forced to respond to increasing water scarcity

28 February 2023
An increasing number of institutional investors put sustainability at the core of their real estate investment strategies, with a predominant focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, other […]

BREEAM In-Use v6 Best Practice – CBRE IM Europa Shopping Centre

27 February 2023
With global temperatures on trajectory to increase more than 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, we are at a critical point in climate change mitigation1. Representing nearly […]

Biodiversity in an urban environment, a contradiction or an agreement?

15 February 2023
Seemingly, the idea of an urban environment, with concrete, metal frameworks, and busy infrastructure appears to oppose the natural environment and consequently, its biodiversity. However, the concept of connecting the […]

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