ESG Strategy


Legislation review for International Capital

28 March 2023
Longevity Partners undertook a legislation review of relevant green building legislation in Texas and Germany. This included reviewing key ESG, real and asset class specific legislation in both countries; the […]

Solar PV Feasibility Study & Carbon Footprint Analysis for Bayern Projekt

28 March 2023
Longevity Partners undertook a PV feasibility study for one commercial asset in Munich for Bayern Projekt GmbH. The feasibility study was split into two phases: a financial review, including future […]

Employee and Community Engagement Programs, Supplier Code of Conduct for Deutsche Finance America

27 March 2023
The Community Engagement program included guidance on suitable community partners to support with donations  and employee volunteer opportunities.  The Employee Engagement program included writing new company policies and procedures in support of […]

Benchmarking adapted from Peer Review for Third Avenue Management

27 March 2023
Delivery of a Holdings Benchmarking that was adapted from the Longevity Peer Review template for the unique methodology used by Third Avenue to measure their holding companies.  Using Holding reviews that […]

ESG Strategy Development, B-Corp Implementation for Precede Capital Partners

27 March 2023
Longevity Partners developed an ESG strategy for Precede that accounted for B-Corp criteria and requirements. Longevity then drafted an implementation roadmap to help Precede fill B-Corp gaps towards certification. Development of the […]

ESG Strategy for Crosstree

27 March 2023
Development of a sustainable development strategy, by conducting interviews with stakeholders, which led us to address three key issues: low carbon footprint, clean air and materials. Defined goals and key […]

Corporate-level ESG Strategy, and GRESB and UNPRI Advisory for Whitehelm Capital

24 March 2023
Whitehelm manages a diverse infrastructure portfolio, including utility, airports, rail, etc., and is considered one of the sustainability leaders in infrastructure investment. The company engaged with Longevity Partners to systematically […]

Corporate-level ESG & Climate Risk Strategy for Unite Students

24 March 2023
Longevity Partners advised on the Unite Students sustainable development strategy. The project was structured into 3 stages: 1st stage – stakeholder consultation, peer benchmarking and creation of the materiality matrix. […]

ESG Strategy for JP Morgan

24 March 2023
Delivery of a CSR program for 8 assets belonging to the CBREGI Residential Fund managed by JP Morgan in Japan.  We collected environmental data for 8 assets in 7 countries. […]

ESG Strategy & GRESB Reporting for CBRE GI’s EVP2 Fund

15 March 2022
Longevity supports the development and implementation of CBRE Europe Value Partners (EVP2) Fund’s ESG policy. Our experts also provide annual portfolio wide GRESB reporting and a scope 1, 2 and […]

ESG Strategy & GRESB Submission IC Netherlands B.V.

4 December 2020
Longevity Partners was appointed to support IC Netherlands Real Estate Investors B.V. in further development of its ESG policy. Part of the assignment was to provide an action plan on […]

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