BREAAM USA In-Use Certifications in Seattle, Denver and Houston for Real Estate Properties owned by a Credit Suisse Asset Management Real Estate Fund

San Francisco, CA – Three properties owned by a non – U.S. based and non – U.S. offered Credit Suisse Asset Management real estate fund have been certified using the BREEAM USA standard. 101 Elliott W is the first BREEAM USA In-Use certification in the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. 4555 Airport Way in Denver and 777 Post Oak Blvd in Houston are the first BREEAM USA In-Use certification in their respective cities. These certifications were part of a program to certify selected assets globally with BREEAM In-Use.

BREEAM was developed in 1990 by BRE Global, the first assessment method for buildings in the world. Today BREEAM is internationally recognized as the most comprehensive and holistic environmental assessment method, with over 2,280,000 registered projects and 570,000+ certified buildings worldwide across 85 countries.

“Sustainability initiatives play an important role in our integrated asset management strategy. Certifications like BREEAM In-Use allow us to measure and improve the sustainability footprint of existing buildings in our portfolios,” says Christoph Schumacher, Head of Global Real Estate at Credit Suisse Asset Management.

BREEAM In-Use is used to assess and rate the performance of existing buildings around the world. BREEAM USA In-Use has been adapted to reflect differences in American standards and practices while still providing the global comparability and rigor that distinguishes the BREEAM standard. Certification is achieved through independent, third-party assessment conducted on-site, giving stakeholders’ confidence about their building’s performance and recognition that a building meets, and continues to meet, the robust BREEAM In-Use sustainability standards.

The certification was carried out by Longevity Partners, the pan-European multi-disciplinary energy and sustainability consultancy founded to support businesses around the world in the transition to a low carbon world.  

Etienne Cadestin, Founder and Global CEO, Longevity Partners said, It is a real honour to work with Credit Suisse Asset Management real estate fund on the certification of their prestigious global property fund. BREEAM USA IN-USE is gaining tremendous traction and is to become one of the largest certification schemes for existing buildings in the USA – as proven by the certifications of the Denver, Houston and Seattle assets. The delivery of this global portfolio certification was a real milestone for Longevity. We have demonstrated that our team has the ability to deliver projects simultaneously across four continents to support our clients in the delivery of their global ESG strategies.

Shamir Ghumra, Director of BREEAM at BRE Global said, “We’re delighted to congratulate Credit Suisse Asset Management real estate fund on their first BREEAM certifications in the US and for bringing BREEAM to three major cities. We’re thrilled to see BREEAM In-Use being used across a global portfolio to not only address environmental outcomes but also to identify, grow and protect asset value. We also extend our congratulations to Longevity Partners for certifying their first assets in the US market as well.”*


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BRE Global is the world’s leading building science organization: an innovative group of researchers, scientists, engineers and technicans who share a common goals – to make the built environment better for all. BRE Global’s sustainability, safety and security services, the BRE Academy and our Innovation Centers, are used by customers to deliver on their social, environmental and economic goals.  BRE uses independent cutting-edge research to generate standards like BREEAM that are used around the world to create and maintain buildings and communities that are sustainable, resilient, healthy and productive.  Learn more about BREEAM at and follow us on LinkedIn and @BRE_BREEAM on Twitter for the latest updates.

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Longevity Partners is a multi-disciplinary energy and sustainability consultancy. Founded in 2015, we support businesses in the transition to a low carbon economy across the UK, Europe and worldwide. Based in London, Paris and Amsterdam, we provide strategic guidance, compliance support and innovative solutions to property investors, developers and occupiers. We help our clients reach their energy and resource efficiency targets, reduce their environmental impact and future-proof their businesses. We believe in long-term partnerships and provide our clients with solutions to improve their competitiveness and grow their revenues. 

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