Green Building Certifications

LEED for existing buildings and interiors (LEED O+M)

What is LEED O+M?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognised green building certification scheme that encourages sustainable design, construction, and operation of buildings. It is designed to guide and distinguish high-performance commercial and institutional projects and concentrates on improving performance across six key areas:

  1. Location and Transportation
  2. Sustainable Sites
  3. Water Efficiency
  4. Energy and Atmosphere
  5. Materials and Resources
  6. Indoor Environmental Quality

LEED for Operational and Maintenance (LEED O+M) is the certification framework used specifically for buildings that have been operated and occupied for at least one year. LEED O+M empowers the improvement of buildings operation and maintenance through focusing on establishment of sustainable strategies and evaluation of performance outcomes. The scheme integrates the highest standard of environmental sustainability relevant to operational and maintenance phases. 

Why obtain a LEED O+M Certification?

Through a LEED O+M certification enhance the improvement of building energy performance as well as water consumption and waste generation during operation. Once the certification is achieved the scheme provide access to continuous performance assessment that encourage the projects to keep in the pathway of their sustainable goals and facilitating further recertification. LEED O+M is widely applicable across the globe which means high recognition comes with obtaining a certification.  

The benefits are: 

  • Optimization of operational efficiencies; 
  • Reduction of emissions and optimization of energy and water consumption; 
  • Improvement of users experience and comfort. 
  • Enhancement of asset value and marketability; 
  • Third party validation of sustainable accomplishments; 
  • Higher rental income and value of properties; 
  • Continuous assessment  enabling straightforward recertification.  

How can Longevity help you with your certification?

Longevity can support you at every stage of your LEED O+M certification process. We can: 

  1. Produce a pre-assessment to determine all requirements to meet your desired certification rating.  
  2. Manage the LEED O+M certification process. 
  3. Utilise our experience of global certification projects to advise on all matters related to sustainability and energy. 
  4. Access our network of professionals that can help meet the requirements of the various credits.  
  5. Perform specific studies such as Energy Audits applicable to LEED certification.  
  6. Support during further recertification process and periodical tasks required by the certification scheme.  

When to engage with us?

It’s best to get in contact as soon as soon as the intention or improvement of an asset arises! We can advise you on what certification scheme will best fit your needs, carry out a pre-assessment and start to frame the key design decisions that need to be incorporated even at the earliest concept design stages. 


Applicable Asset Types: All 

Certification Type: Operational 

Recognised by GRESB: Yes- Operational green building certification schemes 


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