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What is DGNB?

The DGNB (German for the German Sustainable Building Council) is a certifying organisation specialising in holistically improving buildings and urban quarters according to sustainability and wellbeing parameters across their entire life cycle.  

Why obtain a DGNB certification?

Sustainably certified buildings tend to have lower maintenance and operating costs while preserving their value for longer.  

  • Improvements in user health and wellbeing  
  • Lower costs and optimisations in long term 
  • DGNB-certified buildings consume less during construction, emit less greenhouse gas emissions and can mostly be recycled 
  • Quality assurance for investors and building owners  
  • Economic sustainability is considered equally as environmental and social 
  • Increased rent and sales potential of the building 
  • DGNB-certified buildings have easier access to loans 

How can Longevity Partners help you with your certification?

We offer consulting services for a wide array of DGNB certifications, including: 

  • Interiors 
  • New Construction 
  • Buildings In-Use 
  • Renovated/Existing Buildings 

We will guide you through the process including: 

  • Establishing a pre-check and identifying optimisation potentials for your building/interior 
  • Consulting about DGNB certification targets (DGNB Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and identifying sustainability measures to be implemented 
  • Evidence collection and documentation verification 
  • Submission of final project and delivery of certificate  

When to engage with us?

It’s best to get in contact as soon as you know you have a new development in the pipeline! We can advise you on what certification scheme will best fit your needs, carry out a pre-assessment and start to frame the key design decisions that need to be incorporated even at the earliest concept design stages.  

Applicable Asset Types: All

Certification Type: Operational Certification and/or Design/Construction Certification 

Recognised by GRESB: Yes – Operational green building certification schemes / Design and/or construction green building certification


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