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What is a SKA certification?

Designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2009, the SKA rating compliance scheme is an environmental certification system that evaluates fit-out projects according to a set of sustainable, good practice criteria.

Why obtain a SKA certification?

SKA allows organisations to make informed decisions about fit-out projects, with an emphasis on sustainability within the corporate agenda. It is estimated that 11% of UK construction spending is on fit-outs and that buildings may have 30-40 fit-outs during their lifecycle.

Sustainability increasingly makes good business sense as research demonstrates an expected increase in the asset value of low-carbon labelled buildings compared with standard speculative buildings.

The design of this rating system integrates the highest level of sustainability within every stage of a fit-out project.

How does a SKA certification benefit you?

SKA provides a set of standards that demonstrates environmentally conscious property occupation through:

  1. Promotion of wellbeing within working environments;
  2. Reduction of fit-out costs through innovative sustainable solutions;
  3. Reduction of ongoing operational costs through the reduction of energy and water usage (fit-outs give the opportunity to install resource efficient equipment);
  4. Improvement of an organisation’s reputation as being environmentally and sustainably conscious.

How can Longevity Partners help you?

We have extensive experience in SKA certifications and can:

  1. Set SKA rating targets, through a formal assessment process to assure targeted performance standards are met;
  2. Provide consultancy advice on certification with our expert knowledge on SKA – we have over six years’ experience in SKA certification and have performed dozens of assessments across Europe;
  3. Benchmark the sustainability of fit-outs across a portfolio of buildings;
  4. Attain certification to report sustainable performance of properties or maintain a Ska rated building under the whole building assessment method.

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