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Fitwel certification

What is a Fitwel certification?

Fitwel is a health & wellbeing certification that adds value to your assets by certifying your operating standards and by promoting the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Fitwel provides an internationally recognised certification by placing human health and wellbeing at the heart of its concerns. It provides a healthy working environment to enhance productivity and reduce absenteeism by promoting an active life, reducing stress for the occupants, and thus improving their well-being.

Fitwel rating levels range from 1 to 3 stars and require a minimum of 90 points to obtain certification.

An important advantage of Fitwel is that the certification is intended to be applicable to all buildings. Therefore the system does not require any prerequisites.

How does a Fitwel certification benefit your business?

Fitwel certifications can promote the following areas of engagement:

  1. Increases physical activity
  2. Instils feelings of wellbeing
  3. Reduces morbidity & absenteeism
  4. Promotes occupant safety
  5. Impacts surrounding community health
  6. Social Equity for vulnerable populations
  7. Enhances access to healthy foods

How can Longevity Partners help you?

Longevity experts can assist you from start to end in obtaining a Fitwel certification:

  1. Pre-assessment: Longevity Fitwel Ambassador will review current design information. Liaise with the internal team to identify the best path to achieve the Fitwel certification rating established. Following, Fitwel targeted credits and requirements will be circulated across the teams.
  2. Data & evidence collection: A Longevity Fitwel Ambassador will manage the data collection process and guide client throughout all the information and evidence material required for the certification.
  3. Documentation Review: All evidence and data provided by the client will be reviewed and integrated on the project platform. Fitwel assessor will then evaluate the data ahead of submission.
  4. Submission: Longevity Partners will manage the submission of the assessment on behalf of the client and manage it throughout the whole verification process liaising with the certifier for any Quality Assurance queries. If required, Longevity will undergo the submission of a re-assessment.

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